Change of Clerk

WTC is pleased to announce that Karen Howe, who is Clerk to Bladon Parish Council, has been appointed interim Town Clerk to WTC after the previous Locum Clerk, Karen Crowhurst, left in late November. We thank Karen Crowhurst for all her work on behalf of WTC and wish her well in her next posting. We also welcome Karen Howe and are very grateful for her readiness to accept the post. Her experience locally will be useful and we hope that she will find working for WTC interesting and fulfilling.

It is a time of arrivals and departures. Christine Inker, whom many of you will know from her position as Administrator and Town Clerk’s Assistant sitting in the front office at the Town Hall, retired at the end of 2022 and will be much missed. Her role being ‘first port of call’ in the Town Hall for so many years has been invaluable. Her accumulated knowledge will be hard to replace. Thank you Christine for all you have done for WTC over the years and the friendship you have shown to so many.

Residents may find the front office closed more than usual. If you have problems making contact,  we suggest you email the Clerk on or the Mayor, and we shall try to resolve your problems. Bookings can be made via