Town Hall Staff

Town Hall Staff

Woodstock Town Council is administered by a team of dedicated staff

Town Clerk

The Town Clerk is the Proper Officer of the Council and is responsible for implementing all Council decisions as well as providing legal and administrative advice, procedures for the Council, which also includes financial management, and for ensuring that the Council acts properly and within the law.  The Clerk is responsible for all the other staff employed by the Council.  Karen Howe was appointed as Interim Town Clerk in December 2022.


Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant runs the day to day management of the office, Town Hall and Community Centre bookings, cemetery and burials enquiries, updates the Council’s website and deals with many of the routine enquiries made to the Council.





Rachel Peters is the Responsible Finance Officer

The Council’s finance accounts are managed by the Responsible Finance Officer. Working with the Council member for Finance, the RFO maintains the income and expenditure records, prepares monthly financial statements for the Council and monitors progress of the annual budget. This person is responsible for the preparation of the year end accounts.




Ian Watkins is the Council’s Town Hall and Community Centre Deputy Caretaker

Ian has various duties at the Town Hall and Community Centre and also undertakes a variety of environmental tasks.