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Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency

Woodstock Town Council acknowledges a Climate Emergency with immediate effect and supports policies such as the ones outlined below and considers these when making future policies and decisions. It will additionally formulate actions which will help combat global warming and introduce the item ‘Climate Emergency’ permanently to the agenda.

At a local level we can change small things that can collectively make an impact.
Points for the Council to consider when making any future decisions include:

  • Reduce the Town Council’s own carbon footprint in and around its properties
  • Support the provision of renewable energy installations
  • Actively support the eradication of single use plastics
  • Increase opportunities for the public and visitors to recycle all waste
  • Ensure there are enough pavements/cycle paths and cycle racks to improve greener travel
  • Provide electric car charging points and work with Blenheim to provide an electric car pooling scheme
  • Encourage and support the use of public transport and car sharing schemes
  • Aid and support local organisations who aim to prevent climate change
  • Maintain the number of trees under the Councils protection and aim to increase tree numbers around
    the town
  • Increase biodiversity by increasing number of plants and flowers planted around the town
  • Protect where possible the Green Spaces in the Town