Council Meetings and Scheduled Dates Information

Council Meetings and Scheduled Dates Information

All Council meetings begin at 7 pm (as from 20 February 2023) and take place at The Town Hall (unless otherwise stated below or, in emergency as stated on the Agenda).

The public and press are welcome. Meetings are generally, but not invariably, held on the second Tuesday of the month. Committee meetings may be on other days and at other times but these will always be advertised and, where possible, Tuesday evenings at 6:30 will be the preferred day and time. Working Group meetings are not generally open to the public.

If you would like copy of a particular public report from a Council or Committee meeting, please contact the Town Hall office. For Council meeting agendas please see the list below.


Members of the public are encouraged and welcome to attend meetings.

Members of the public are reminded that they must remain silent during the transaction of Council business. There is an opportunity for members of the public to speak about items on the agenda under Public Participation.  Any member of the public may speak for up to 3 minutes.  A maximum of 15 minutes is allocated for the public to participate. This is at the Mayors discretion. if Members of the public wish to speak and would like to give prior notice, please contact the Clerk via email before the day of the meeting, stating which item on the agenda you wish to speak about.

The following Town Council meetings are scheduled for the 22/23 session:

Tuesday 10th May 2022 Annual & Monthly Town Council Meeting

Thursday 19th May 2022 Extraordinary Meeting to start at 4.30pm

Tuesday 14th June 2022 Town Council Meeting

Tuesday 19th July 2022 Town Council Meeting

Tuesday 9th August 2022 Town Council Meeting

Tuesday 13th September 2022 Town Council Meeting

Tuesday 18th October 2022 Town Council Meeting

Tuesday 8th November 2022 Town Council Meeting

Tuesday 22nd November 2022 Budget Meeting

Tuesday 13th December 2022 Town Council Meeting

Tuesday 17th January 2023 Town Council Meeting

Tuesday 14th February 2023 Town Council Meeting

Tuesday 14th March 2023 Town Council Meeting

Tuesday 18th April 2023 Annual Town Meeting (in the Community Centre) to start at 7.30pm (Moved from 28th March 2023)

Tuesday 25th April 2023 Town Council Meeting (Moved from 11th April)

Tuesday 9th May 2023 Annual Town Council Meeting

An extraordinary meeting can be called at any time if there is important business to be discussed.

Working Groups are not open to the public although the Council will seek to be as open as is possible in the reporting of working group meetings. Dates of meetings are not fixed far ahead and are not displayed on this website. Please consult the Town Clerk for further information.

Woodstock Town Council’s Rules on Public Participation and Recording of Meetings

The Town Council has changed its standing orders on the rights of residents to address the Council. Now, the public can speak on any topic relevant to the affairs of the Council whether or not it is on the agenda.  The Council hopes that this will encourage people to air their views on matters of local interest.

Minutes of Meetings

All minutes are draft minutes until they have been approved by Council.

Guidance on Reporting at Meetings
In accordance with legislation, reporting of town council and committee meetings by media groups and the public is permitted subject to such reporting not interfering with the proceedings of the meeting.  Reporting is NOT permitted during closed/confidential sessions.  More information can be obtained from:

Town Clerk, Woodstock Town Council, Town Hall, Market Square, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, OX20 1SL. Email: