Planning Applications

Planning Applications

The town council is notified whenever a new planning application is submitted, and, wherever possible, WODC tries to notify local residents that may be affected by it. WODC should also put up Green notices to draw attention to the application.

Our town councillors usually discuss each application at their next town council meeting, and comments are then agreed on behalf of the town, and this is submitted to WODC.

If you want to object or comment on any application this is best done online through WODC’s Planning Portal here, though you can also send in your objections by letter. It can also be helpful if a copy of your objections or comments are also sent to the Town Council.

The WODC Planning Portal is also helpful for referring back to previous planning applications that may have been lodged for a site.

If you are particularly anxious about a planning application you can attend the relevant town council meeting and voice your concerns at the beginning of the meeting. Your views will then be taken into account when the town council prepares its formal response to WODC.

If you want to object to an application please make sure you focus on the relevant planning issues. For example:

  • Impact the development would have on the character of the area.
  • If the development does not comply with the Local Plan.
  • External design, appearance and layout.
  • Impact of development on neighbouring properties.
  • Highway safety.
  • Government planning guidance.

Avoid referring to non-planning matters as these cannot be taken into account when the committee determines the application.

For example

  • ‘Trade’ objections such as competition issues.
  • Boundary or property disputes.
  • The applicant’s motives .
  • ‘Moral’ arguments.
  • Matters covered by other laws.
  • Loss of ‘view’.
  • Personality issues.
  • Reduction in property values.

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