Woodstock Town Council is preparing a Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plans are an opportunity for local communities to help shape future change in an area, related to development and land use. In Woodstock new development will come forward in the future and the Local Plan identifies sites where new homes will be built. The Town Council believes that with this new development it is essential to protect important green spaces in the area for the benefit of current and future residents, providing opportunities for sport and recreation, as well as places for wildlife.

The Town Council has identified thirteen possible local green spaces for designation within Woodstock. We would like your feedback on these sites, if you think they meet the criteria for designation, and why. We would also like to know if there are any other spaces that meet the criteria for designation. A questionnaire has therefore been sent to all residents asking for your feedback. The questionnaire can be filled in online here or the questionnaire can be returned to the Woodstock Town Council offices:
The Town Clerk, Town Hall, Market Place, Woodstock, Oxon, OX20 1SL
Please return by Friday 11th September 2020. The Local Green Space Questionnaire is available here