Our Woodstock, Our Neighbourhood Plan

Woodstock Council has been preparing a Neighbourhood Plan to help protect green spaces in the local area.

The Town Council has identified thirteen possible local green spaces for designation within Woodstock.  These have been informed by and are in response to comments made during earlier consultation events.  Their designation will provide additional protection to that green space, restricting development from taking place on that space.  The designation is similar to Green Belt policy.

We are now seeking your views on the draft Neighbourhood Plan; all of which will be reviewed when preparing the final version.

You can submit your comments via the feedback form, which is available from the Consultation page of this website, or by hand.  Before submitting your views, please do take time to familiarise yourself with the draft Plan, also available from the Consultation page.

To submit your comments on-line, click on the following link to the form:


Please submit your feedback before 31st August 2021.

We look forward to hearing what you think.