Thames Valley Police Report It!

Thames Valley Police PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) for Woodstock is Ben Hallam, he has recently provided an update for the Town Council which will be useful for local residents.

He has asked the Town Council to encourage the residents of Woodstock and surrounding area to report crime to the police. Whether it be suspicious activity, drug dealing or any concerns. He has noticed that there is a large problem with people not reporting crimes in the Woodstock area. This could be due to the perceived lack of police presence. He advises that police are about in the area when they can be, and If they receive reports they tend to allocate more resources to an area. Ben is often in an unmarked car which means people may not realise he is present.

There have been a number of reports about anti-social behaviour in Woodstock and the usage and selling of drugs. If ANYBODY has ANY information about this please contact the police either online or via 101, only call 999 if it is an emergency or a crime is in progress.

There has been a number of catalytic converter thefts in Woodstock. We are encouraging people to secure their vehicles and think about where and how they park their vehicles. Most of these incidents have happened between 01:00-04:00am. It is really important that any suspicious activity is reported to police at the time if you think it seems out of the ordinary so officers can attend.

Another thing he wants to address is the antisocial behaviour in vehicles and people racing up and down outside the town hall. Police have been and will be continuing to monitor this. They have already spoken to a number of people in their vehicles who have been driving too fast or circulating In the area. Again, let police know of any details e.g. time date registration etc.

Below is a link you can click on which will bring up an interactive map of the Woodstock policing area. The map is interactive so you can click and zoom in on any area you would like. It will provide you with all reported crimes police are allowed to share within the data protection legislation.

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Remember, if you don’t report it, Police don’t know!