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Afghan refugee resettlement

Statements from the Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing

West Oxfordshire District Council pledges to support refugee families wherever possible, whether that is through national resettlement schemes or as part of the normal refugee programme.

How we helped Syrian Refugees through the national resettlement scheme

Since 2015, we have welcomed families to the county as part of the Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme, working with health, education and social care teams to make sure their needs can be fully met, and they are supported to build a new life.

6 families have been supported in West Oxfordshire as part of this scheme.

How we will help Afghan refugees as part of the national resettlement scheme

Local authorities across Oxfordshire are working together through the countywide housing partnership to respond to the national effort to support the resettlement of Afghan nationals who have supported the British mission in Afghanistan. Properties have already been offered for support across Oxfordshire.

At West Oxfordshire District Council we are committed to playing our part to support those fleeing persecution, especially when many of those Afghan families currently entering the country have supported our military over recent years. We have been working closely with partners for months to prepare for the current refugees entering the country.

The details of the new resettlement scheme for Afghan refugees who have not worked with the military is due to be announced by the Government shortly.  We will continue to work with our Oxfordshire partners to play our role in supporting some of the most vulnerable refugees from Afghanistan to resettle in the UK.

You can read our full statement on the crisis here.

How you can help

A number of charities and non-governmental organisations operate appeals specifically aimed at refugees. However, there are many more charities and not-for-profit organisations out there that are also supporting various humanitarian causes. We recommend that before donating you read up about them to understand how your activities and donations will be used in support of their work.

For more information and to offer help please:

Donating money through national appeals

Most charities say they prefer a financial donation so they can target aid to where it is needed. The list below is not exhaustive, but a sample of the many national appeals that have been launched; some have spelt out exactly what a specific donation could provide.

People wishing to offer help can register on the government website Help refugees in the UK