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Woodstock Town Council

Incorporated by Royal Charter of Henry VI in 1453


Report of District Councillors for Bladon, Blenheim and Woodstock
to Woodstock Town Council
10th July 2018


Eynsham Garden Village

The proposal for a new garden village to the north of the A40 near Eynsham is open for public consultation until August 3rd. After that the plans will be worked on further prior to another consultation in the autumn of 2018. Public viewings of the present plans held in Eynsham and Long Hanborough will be over by the time of the Town Council meeting but if you are reading this early the plans are on display with WODC officers in attendance as follows:

·      LONG HANBOROUGH: Friday 6 July 2-8pm Hanborough Pavilion & Village Hall, OX29 8JG

·      EYNSHAM: Monday 9 July 2-8pm St. Leonard’s Church Hall, OX29 4HF

To access the consultation material and for further information on how to respond, see the garden village webpage: Oxfordshire Cotswolds Garden Village (/residents/planning-building/planning-policy/local-development-framework/garden village/)

Amendment to Scheme of Planning Delegation

The national government introduced a new kind of planning application on 1st June 2018: a Permission in Principle (PIP) decision now determines whether housing can be built on a site and the maximum and minimum number of houses for the site. This procedure will only be applicable to proposals for 1-9 units and on land of less than one hectare and WODC Planning Officers have the power to refuse an application for PIP. If PIP is granted for a site, then there will be a second application for Technical Details Consent (TDC: infrastructure, open space, affordable housing, design, access, layout and landscaping). If this is also granted, PIP and TDC approval will be the equivalent of granting full planning permission. The real concern about this innovation is that consultees at each stage have only 14 days for comment…thus making it impossible for councils meeting monthly to send their views on all applications. ‘Calling in’ applications where the town or parish council is at odds with the views of officers will not be possible as it will cause the application to fall outside the five week consultation period. This new scheme is an item on the WTC July agenda as WTC needs to discuss how to manage applications coming to them under the PIP/TDC heading.  

Citizens’ Advice Funding from WODC

We have written about the change to WODC funding of Citizens’ Advice in previous reports. At the full Council on June 20th Cllr Cooper proposed and Cllr Enright (Labour) seconded a motion to Council namely -

Council resolves to:

·    Ensure that the survival of Citizens’ Advice West Oxfordshire (CAWO) is not threatened by the withdrawal of the WODC grants

·    Produce a clear statement as to how grant money that was previously available to CAWO can be accessed by that organisation in future.

Council voted to accept this resolution. We shall, as is often said, ‘watch this space’.

Oxfordshire Homelessness Strategy

The local authorities across the County have launched a new initiative with a multi-authority approach and a budget of £890,000. The initiative involves local government and the National Health Service in attempts to intervene in society before crises that could lead to homelessness develop. The strategy is being headed up by Aspire Oxford and Connection support. The project will address issues such as self-esteem and isolation by intervening to sustain tenancies and working in prisons and mental health hospitals to prevent the release of individuals back into the community when they have no home to which to return. The project will also liaise with schools over pupil non-attendance since this can be due to housing related issues. The initiative has been introduced on a trial basis. Those feeling they might benefit from the service should make contact via e-mail: or phone: (01865)204450

Disruptions to Rail Services

On line work in July will spread out over the rail system from Banbury in the north to Didcot station in the south but involving Oxford station as well. Many of the usual train services will be disrupted and timetables are likely to be significantly altered whilst the work takes place. More information available from 03457484950 or email: 2018

WODC Cllrs Julian Cooper & Elizabeth Poskitt


Oxfordshire County Councillor Ian Hudspeth's July 2018 Report


I was honoured to re-sign the Military Covenant on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council, we are very proud to have been the first local authority to launch its commitment to the covenant in 2011. There is a thriving military community in Oxfordshire of around 11,000 service personnel with many ex serviceman in the county, its important that we recognise this group of men and women.


I was recently bitten by a dog whilst delivering leaflets. This resulted in me going to the JR who provided excellent service with back up from Woodstock surgery, I’d like to publicly thank both.

I understand the jokes and comments that have been made about me but I do think there is a more serious point that all dog owners need to be aware of. What about the postmen and women delivering to houses or the voluntary organisations delivering fund raising leaflets sometimes with the help of children? They need to be warned that there is a dog or better still make sure there is an outside delivery box for letters and leaflets. Ultimately it must be a householder’s responsibility as I would not want any person particularly a child to go through what I have done over the last few weeks.


I held an extra meeting of Woodstock Traffic Advisory Committee to discuss the issue of parking in the centre of Woodstock especially so residents could express their views. Unfortunately, WODC were unable to attend so I’m arranging another meeting to try and find a solution to the issue.

Have your say on the new Garden Village

Residents, businesses and organisations are being offered the chance to have their say on a proposed garden village set to be built to the north of the A40 near Eynsham.

 A consultation has been launched focusing on key issues such as transport, housing, jobs and the environment which will form part of the Oxfordshire Cotswolds Garden Village Area Action Plan.

The proposals were initially discussed last summer as part of the Local Plan examination. The Planning Inspector has since informed the WODC that, subject to some further changes, the Local Plan is likely to be approved. The Garden Village Area Action Plan is the next step in the process.

The consultation will run for six weeks from 22 June until 3 August and will be taken into account as the proposals are worked up in more detail ahead of further consultation in the autumn.

As part of the process, council officers will be on hand to answer questions and provide further information at the following exhibitions:

           Long Hanborough:    Friday 6 July 2-8pm Hanborough Pavilion & Village Hall, OX29 8JG
           Eynsham:                  Monday 9 July 2-8pm St. Leonard’s Church Hall,  OX29 4HF

To access the consultation material and for further information on how to respond, see


As reported previously, OCC and Cherwell District Council (CDC) are considering a proposal for shared service arrangements under a joint chief executive, while retaining separate councillor bodies, budgets and decision-making processes. The exact arrangements for sharing services and joining up functions still need to be worked out in detail and then agreed separately by each council. They will be implemented incrementally. Approval to move to the next stage was given by OCC’s Cabinet on Monday 4 June. OCC’s Remuneration Committee subsequently agreed to recommend the appointment of Yvonne Rees, the current Chief Executive of CDC, as joint Chief Executive of the County Council and Cherwell District Council. The appointment process now moves on to both Full Councils of OCC (10 July) and CDC (16 July). The final decision therefore remains a decision for Members.


Delayed transfer of care (DToC) cases are now at the lowest level for many years in Oxfordshire. The latest national figures published by the Department of Health showed that the average number of people delayed has fallen from 168 in April 2017 to 117 this April. Since April 2018, the number of delays has fallen further and is currently only 78 – more than halving in just over a year. Effective and sustained joint working by OCC and the NHS across Oxfordshire has seen consistent and on-going reductions in the number of people delayed in hospital. Department of Health figures showed a 44% decrease in the number of social care delays, and a drop in the overall number of days delayed in a hospital. Only 13% of delays were attributable to social care, which is down from 15% in March 2017.


The council reached a new milestone in the ongoing planning process to decide where minerals can be extracted and waste management facilities can be located in June with Cabinet asked to approve a site consultation exercise. This will take place in July-September and it will be open to all interested organisations and individuals to respond. All parish councils, environmental and community groups, organisations and individuals who have previously asked to be informed about the plan will be notified when the consultation starts, where the consultation documents can be seen and how to respond.  The report can be viewed here:


The council’s Cabinet received final budget figures for the 2017/18 financial year at its meeting on Tuesday, June 19. OCC managed its net budget with 99.8 per cent accuracy for 2017/18, with an underspend of just £1m (0.2 per cent) on an overall service budget of £422m.


The bad winter has taken its toll on road conditions across the county, so OCC welcomed the additional £2.7m the Government has provided for this year; additional gangs have been employed to ensure we utilise the funds during the summer months. Last month 6,236 defects were repaired showing progress is being made on the defects reported during the bad weather.

A fact sheet has been produced giving details about the condition of the county’s highways and the actions being taken to maintain them. This will be issued to all councillors and parish clerks during the month of July.


A new domestic abuse service for Oxfordshire was launched in June. The new service was set up by OCC in partnership with District Councils and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley. The service is designed to be highly inclusive to address emotional and practical support needs for any victim suffering or fleeing domestic abuse in Oxfordshire. It incorporates a single access point for victims and professionals, community-based Outreach Workers and Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVA) and includes specialist workers to support young people and Black Asian Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) communities. There is also a program to support victims with complex needs. 

Victims fleeing abuse will be able to access refuge in Banbury and in one other location, located in either Didcot or Oxford. In addition, the service launches a new model of refuge, delivered from dispersed locations across Oxfordshire, benefiting those unable to access conventional refuge services including male victims, victims with live in carers and families with older male sons. To report concerns, please use the A2Dominion ODAS helpline (0800 731 0055) or


OCC-funded NHS Health Checks are designed to spot early warnings of stroke, kidney and heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and dementia. They are available to anyone aged between the ages of 40 and 74 who has not already been diagnosed with an existing cardiovascular condition. They are free and applicants will be invited to have one once every five years. GP surgeries will automatically send out invitations, but if one is not received, residents should contact their surgery and make an appointment. The check will take around 20 to 30 minutes. For further information about free NHS Health Checks visit:

Cllr Ian Hudspeth
07956270 318