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WODC have now produced their latest update on the Local Development Framework which you can view here.

Woodstock East Proposal Refused by West Oxfordshire District Council and Cherwell District Council

The saga of the planning application known as Woodstock East or as described by Cherwell District Council, Land South of Perdiswell Farm, Shipton Road in the parish of Shipton-upon-Cherwell and Thrupp has now been heavily rejected by both West Oxfordshire and Cherwell District Councils.
In summary, the objections to the planning application were:-

You can download and print a "Save Woodstock"poster here.  
See also the independent campaign group’s website 

Since the refusal of the Blenheim proposals, the estate has recently offered for public consultation a new plan for 280 homes on the Woodstock East site.  These can be viewed at

Local Plan 2031 Examination - An Update

The plan was submitted on 14th July 2015.  Planning Inspector Mr Simon Emerson BSc, DipTP, MRTPI has been appointed to establish whether the Local Plan is "sound", taking into account WODC's representations made earlier in the year as well as national policy.

The first Local Plan hearing session dealing with strategic matters, including the duty to cooperate and housing and employment requirements, was held between Monday 23rd November and Thursday 26th November 2015.  The Inspector's preliminary findings were published in December 2015 and are in two parts:

Part 1 deals with the housing requirement, the needs of Oxford City and the duty to cooperate.

Part 2 deals with the housing supply and delivery, affordable housing and requirements for particular housing needs

The findings are available to download from the WODC website at:-


In light of his preliminary findings, WODC wrote to the Inspector asking him to suspend the Local Plan examination, in order for the Council to prepare and consult on necessary changes top the plan, known as "main modifications".  In response, the Inspector has agreed to suspend the Local Plan examination until December 2016.

The suspension is necessary to allow the Council the opportiunity to undertake some further work on housing numbers and sites and to address the issue of "unmet" housing need arising from Oxford City.  A report determining how this housing should be distributed across Oxfordshire is likely to be published in late summer 2016.

WODC publishes a list of its planning policies against which all applications must be judged.  In supporting or objecting to planning applications it is helpful to use these policies as guidance.  You can read them here