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The Notice Board
Extraordinary Meeting
A meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th February 2018 at 7.30pm in the Mayor's Parlour at the Town Hall to discuss the revised Cherwell Local Plan
Please note:  This meeting is dependent on the content of the papers relating to the Cherwell Local Plan which will not be issued until Monday 19th February at the earliest.  Therefore, this meeting could be cancelled at short notice.
Notice of Town Councillor Vacancies
An election was held on 15th February 2018 for a councillor vacancy.
The Declaration of Result of the Poll is attached here

Notice of a 2nd vacancy is attached 
London Oxford Airport Consultation
Notification of a Public Consultation has been received from the Airport Manager, London Oxford Airport - see attached
The consultation period will commence on Friday 15 December 2017 and finish on 22 March 2018.  To see the plans, and find out how you can comment, please visit the following webpage:
Cherwell Local Plan Partial Review
The planning response documents prepared by Keevil Heritage Ltd on behalf of Woodstock Town Council can be viewed below:
Report on Transport Congestion & Local Plan Policy Proposals

Woodstock Housing Heritage Impact Review
WTC Executive Summaries

The consultation documents are available on-line at www.cherwell.gov.uk/planningpolicyconsultation.
A hard copy of the documents is available to view at Woodstock Town Hall or contact Cherwell District Council on 01295 227985 for details of other venues displaying hard copies.

Property Statement
The Town Council owns properties in the centre of the town, and tries to ensure they provide living accommodation/retail units to the benefit of Woodstock.

By law, we must obtain best value on the property. The world of leases is complex and the Council must rely on its professional advisers (Carter Jonas) before acting.

The Council is aware of local frustration that there is an empty unit in a key location within the Town, but there are constant negotiations between the agent and the leaseholder to try to resolve the matter. No money is owed to Woodstock Town Council. The current lease has a couple of years to run, and to get a new occupant into the shop it is incumbent on the leaseholder to assign to a third party.

Personal issues are making this less than straightforward, but the most recent advice is that it may be resolvable.
The public must understand that the Council is not holding up a new tenancy – on the contrary it is doing everything it can to encourage an assignment. They must also understand that the personal matters of Council tenants cannot be publicly discussed.

We must all be patient.
                                                                                                                                                                July 2017

A Vision for the Future of Woodstock
The revised West Oxfordshire District Council Draft Local Plan includes new sites for housing development which, if approved, will increase the size of Woodstock dramatically.  As well as the 300 homes planned for 'Land South-East of Woodstock', the Plan proposes 250 homes on land north of Banbury Road and 120 homes on land north of Hill Rise in Old Woodstock.
A questionnaire was circulated to residents by Woodstock Town Council and the replies have been collated.  Attached are the following documents:
1.  Woodstock 2050: Towards a Vision (Statement which was attached to questionnaire)
Report on response to WTC Questionnaire/Vision Statement
3.  An Update on Housing Plans for Woodstock

District’s Parking Strategy
Following a car parking survey which took place earlier in the year, West Oxfordshire District Council has recently sought people’s views on its’ new parking strategy.  Over 2,600 people completed the council survey last spring and this data, coupled with further in-depth research, has led to the development of the strategy for West Oxfordshire.

The report offers a range of proposals including the provision of more parking spaces in key areas, improvements to existing facilities and a review of enforcement. It will provide a blueprint for the Council to help make a decision on any proposed parking changes or improvements.  The key policy of free parking at all 15 car parks across the district which the Council owns or manages remains at the heart of the strategy. Detailed solutions for individual car parks and communities are not included as this will vary for site to site.

The parking strategy is available to view at council reception points and online at www.westoxon.gov.uk/parkingstrategy


Power Cuts Helpline
West Oxfordshire District Council is supporting the launch of 105, a new national three-digit helpline telephone number that will make it quicker and easier for people to report a power cut.
  It can be accessed from most landlines and mobile phones.
By calling the helpline, householders will be put through to the company that repairs local power networks and restores power.
The public can also call 105 if they spot damage to electricity power lines and substations that could put them, or someone else, in danger. If there’s a serious immediate risk, the emergency services should also be contacted.  Visit www.powercut105.com
 to find out more about the new 105 telephone number and electricity network operators.


 The Oxfordshire Comet
Transport from your door to destination
The Oxfordshire Comet is the new bookable transport service from Oxfordshire County Council,
 available for people in Woodstock that do not have access to suitable public transport.

you need to be in Oxfordshire, the Comet can get you there.
 The Comet can do
one-off journeys, regular and group trips.
We can also offer regular routes for local communities, similar to a bus route.
The service is available 10.15am - 2.30pm Monday to Friday
Costs will vary
based on your journey and travel type
To book a journey
call 01865 323201
For full terms and conditions visit

High-speed Broadband Arrives in Woodstock
Read more here and download the flyer here
WODC Warn of Parking Enforcement Issues
Read more here
Check out the new Cotswold Tourism website and Woodstock's entry at
Friends of the Woodstock Watermeadows
Please see latest news on our Environment Page
Thames Valley Local Policing Team
Click here for information about Woodstock's Local Policing Team
A Survey of Rare Bee-Orchids
The field between the new Marlborough Fields estate and Budds Close is a haven for orchids.  Bob Pomfret, our volunteer warden for the Budds Close nature reserve has prepared a survey of the orchids which may be under threat from possible development proposals.  Go to the Environment page to read the report
Section 106 Infrastructure
Ever wondered what "Section 106" planning jargon is all about?
Click here to find out the projects that have been funded from the recent building of homes at Shipton Road.
Want Advice on Clearing Snow and Ice?
Click here for information from Action with Communities in Rural England